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WireGuard does not focus on obfuscation. Obfuscation, rather, should happen at a layer above WireGuard, with WireGuard focused on providing solid crypto with a simple implementation. It is quite possible to plug in various forms of obfuscation, however.
WireGuard explicitly does not support tunneling over TCP, due to the classically terrible network performance of tunneling TCP-over-TCP. Rather, transforming WireGuard's UDP packets into TCP is the job of an upper layer of obfuscation (see previous point), and can be accomplished by projects like udptunnel and udp2raw.
WireGuard has forward secrecy of data packets, thanks to its handshake, but the handshake itself encrypts the sender's public key using the static public key of the responder, which means that a compromise of the responder's private key and a traffic log of previous handshakes would enable an attacker to figure out who has sent handshakes, but not what data is inside of them. Similarly, mac1 is made over the responder's public key, which means it is possible to trial hash to guess whether or not a packet is intended for a particular responder, though the mac1 could be forged. Mitigations include rotating or regenerating keys, based on expectations of unlinkability.
WireGuard is supposed to be abuse-resistant, by virtue of its use of mac1 and mac2, though before mac2 kicks in, the ECDH computations may use considerable CPU. In practice, though, mac2 is usually sufficient.
WireGuard uses the system time as a reliable monotonic counter. If this jumps forward, a user might DoS their own keys, by making it impossible to later have a value larger, or an adversary controlling system time could store a handshake initiation for use later. If it jumps backwards, handshakes will similarly be impossible. Thus, the system time should not be under the control of a hostile adversary.

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The WireGuard VPN protocol has caused quite a stir in the VPN industry. Major technical and programming figures such as Linux creator Linus Torvalds have hailed it as a "work of art" compared to previous VPN protocols such as OpenVPN and IPSec - a fast and secure protocol that many VPNs now use. Early reviews of Ars Technica found that it connects and reconnects much faster than other protocols, and its choice of encryption means it's more secure, too.

WireGuard is a VPN protocol - the way a client (like your computer or phone) communicates with a VPN server. You might also hear "WireGuard," which refers to an app you can also run on your device.

It only supports UDP and does not use the handshake protocol. That's one of the reasons it's so fast. It can skip checks that OpenVPN TCP has to perform.

WireGuard uses state-of-the-art encryption techniques and network codes to create encrypted tunnels between two devices based on symmetric encryption and more. With some clever tactics, it even works when the client device's IP address changes. For example, you can switch from mobile data to Wi-Fi without waiting 30 seconds for the VPN to reconnect.

WireGuard is a secure tunneling protocol. In fact, WireGuard is one of the most secure VPN protocols on the market because it uses modern, well-tested encryption. There is no way for an outside attacker to learn about your browsing without compromising the VPN server or your client device.

Undoubtedly what helps its security is that its code is very lean and uses fewer lines of code than OpenVPN eg. The less complex the setup, the less chance of errors and misconfigurations. All of these contribute to your overall safety.


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