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Secure your internet connection with our VPN.

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Make your ping internet connection more stable.

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Easy VPN configuration for you device.

Free V2ray VPN Server

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Single server mode

Like other web proxy tools, you need a server with V2Ray configured, then install and configure the V2Ray client on your device, then you can easily access the internet.

A V2Ray server can simultaneously support multiple devices accessing through different proxy protocols. At the same time, with proper configuration, V2Ray can identify and differentiate between traffic that needs to be proxied and traffic that does not. Directly connected traffic does not require any detours.

Alternatively, if you don't want to configure routing on each device, you can set up a relay server that receives all traffic sent by the client, and then relays the verdict in the server.

Bridge mode

Alternatively, if you don't want to configure routing on each device, you can set up a relay server that receives all traffic sent by the client, and then relays the verdict in the server.

Xray-core is a superset of v2ray-core with better overall performance and several improvements such as XTLS, and is fully compatible with v2ray-core features and configurations.

There is only one executable file, including the function of ctl, run is the default command

The configuration is completely compatible, and the environment variables and API correspondence should be changed to start with XRAY_.

Bare log ReadV is open to all platforms

Provides full support for VLESS and Trojan XTLS, both ReadV

Provides multiple XTLS flow control modes with unparalleled performance!

The Websocket + TLS V2Ray configuration combination does not depend on Nginx/Caddy/Apache, it only works with them, and can be used normally without them.
The VMess protocol is an encrypted transmission protocol originally created by V2Ray and used in V2Ray, like Shadowsocks, for deep packet inspection against walls (opens new window)and developed. The communication between the client and the server on V2Ray is mainly through the VMess protocol.
VLESS is a stateless lightweight transport protocol, which is divided into two parts, incoming and outgoing, and can be used as a bridge between the V2Ray client and server. Unlike VMess , VLESS is independent of system time, and the authentication method is also UUID, but does not require an alterId.

V2ray VPN Server

V2ray Vmess WS

V2ray Vmess gRPC

V2ray Vmess Slow DNS

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Some excellent features of V2ray VPN

Multiple inbound/outbound agents: A V2Ray instance supports multiple inbound and outbound protocols at the same time. Each protocol works independently.

Customizable routing: Incoming traffic can be sent to different outbound stations according to the routing configuration. It is easy to route traffic by target area or domain.

VMess is a protocol for encrypted communications. It includes both inbound and outbound proxy

Obfuscation: V2Ray has built-in obfuscation to hide the traffic in TLS, and it can run in parallel with the web server.

Reverse proxy: generally supports reverse proxy. Can be used to build a tunnel to the local host.

Multi-platform: V2Ray runs natively on Windows, Mac OS, Linux and other platforms. The mobile terminal also has third-party support.


Our service advantages

Protection of public WiFi

Public WiFi is the least secure and often sells your data. It is also a breeding ground for snoopers and hackers. Let Mainssh protect you!

Comprehensive online protection

With 256-bit AES encryption and multiple protocols, plus split tunneling and a kill switch, you know your internet connection is fully protected.

All Your Data Encrypted

In addition to 256-bit AES encryption and multiple leak protection options, we've also included other security features including split tunneling and a kill switch.

High reliability

Mainssh works with the world's leading SSD server manufacturers such as Dell, SuperMicro, and Hewlett-Packard. They provide powerful and reliable hardware. reliable virtual private server and no downtime!

Storage with the Highest Performance

Compared to traditional SATA hard drives, the new virtual private server is equipped with SSD hard drives for superior performance, and you can enjoy secure VPS hosting without any downtime, failure or delay. Instant access to data makes work fast and efficient.

Blazing Fast VPN Speeds

Mainssh is designed for speed with unlimited bandwidth. No more slow loading times and constant buffering. High reliability

Set your location to anywhere

Hide your address. Choose a country where servers are almost everywhere.

One-click settings

Don't waste time messing with settings. One-click connection to unlimited free VPN services. Automatic configuration using a helper application like V2rayNG will choose the best option for you.

Cross-Platform Solutions

Mainssh accounts are available in various forms on Windows/Android/IOS and Openwrt. Establish a free internet connection from your laptop and smartphone. Bypass geo-restrictions on smart TVs. Make sure you have full access to everything you need.